One Night Only

One Night Only

Other name: 원나잇 온리 원나잇온리 Won Nait Onli


Night Bug:

Han Jae meets gay men at a bar in Jongno District, Seoul. He first meets them through an internet site. Once they get drunk, Han Jae steals their money. He is accompanied by Hoon and pretends he is his boyfriend. Hoon is popular, but Han Jae ignores Hoon's feelings for him. One day, Hoon suddenly kisses Han Jae.

One Night:

Geun Ho is almost hit by a car. At that time, Joon, who is visiting Jinju from Seoul, saves Geun Ho. They happen to meet at a bar later that night. Geun Ho and his friends goes to Seoul with Joon.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: BL; Drama; Mature; melodrama; Romance;

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