One Night Morning (2022)

One Night Morning (2022)

Other name: ワンナイト・モーニング Wan Naito Moningu


A story of eight different couples with fleeting, delicate relationships and their “simple breakfast” as if to make up for what is lacking in body and soul after spending a night together, including a man who is reunited with a former high school classmate whom he continues to have feelings for; a university student’s first date with a girl whom he met through a matchmaking app; sex friends, who have been carrying on with their rather businesslike relationship.

Adapted from the manga series "One Night - Morning" (ワンナイト・モーニング) by Okuyama Kenichi (奥山ケニチ).

Original Network: WOWOW;

Director: Kakimoto Kensaku [柿本ケンサク]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Manga; Miniseries; Romance; Youth;

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