Once Upon a Time in High School (2004)

Once Upon a Time in High School (2004)

Other name: 말죽거리 잔혹사 1978年高校往事 マルチュク青春通り Maljukgeori Janhoksa Maljuk Street Maljuk 1978 The Spirit of Jeet Kune Do Once Upon a Time in High School: The Spirit of Jeet Kune Do


In the spring of 1978, Hyun Soo transfers to Jungmoon High School in Gangnam where his mother thinks the land price will skyrocket due to the development of the area. Yet, Jungmoon High School is notorious for its severe corporal punishment by teachers and power struggles between school gangs. On the first day, he gets spanked with an aluminum baseball bat for violating the school's dress code. Then, one day, he plays basketball with his classmates and brings his team a victory, which allows him to become chummy with Woo Sik, a kingpin of the school. Before long, they find out that they both are huge fans of Bruce Lee and become best friends.

After school, on the bus, Hyun Soo and Woo Sik see a girl who resembles Olivia Hussey, the most popular foreign actress in Korea at that time. Her name is Eun Ju, a senior at a nearby girls high school. Both fall in love with her at first sight. Hyun Soo is gentle and kind, while Woo Sik is tough and charismatic. Knowing Woo Sik is so different from her, she can't help but becomes attracted to him.

Hyun Soo endures the pain of his secret love for Eun Ju. However, Eun Ju and Woo Sik begin to bicker over petty things. While she's in pain over Woo Sik cheating on her, Hyun Soo sees a chance to win her heart. In the meantime, Woo Sik and Jong Hoon, a student patrol captain, get into a fight. In the duel, Jong Hoon cheats and beats up Woo Sik, who leaves school in the aftermath of his defeat. With Woo Sik gone, Jong Hoon abuses his power as student patrol captain and bullies whoever gets in his way. Hyun Soo falls into an Inferior Class, and Jong Hoon keeps bullying him. The corporal punishment and favoritism by the teachers gradually become worse. To make matter worse, Eun Ju chooses Woo Sik over him. Driven to the wall, Hyun Soo explodes. With nunchakus tucked in the back of his pants, he goes up to the roof after Jong Hoon.

Director: Yoo Ha [유하]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Drama; Martial Arts; Romance; School;

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