Omukae Death (Omukae Desu)

Omukae Death (Omukae Desu)

Other name: 迎えデス


Tsutsumi Madoka is a university student. He rarely expresses his feelings and he has never done an impulsive act in his life. One night, he sees an old man and a pink rabbit struggling physically. The pink rabbit seems surprised and asks Madoka if he can see them. The pink rabbit then introduces itself as the Angel of Death and says the old man is a ghost who died yesterday. Madoka, who begins to see things that he isn't supposed to see, gets involved with the Angel of Death Nabeshima and Angel of Death colleague Yuzuko. Madoka works to solve dead people's regrets and let them go in peace. With senior Sachi Aguma, Madoka lets the spirits of dead people possess his body and solve their regrets. ~~ Based on the manga series "Omukae Desu" by Meka Tanaka.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama;

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