Office 2015

Office 2015

Other name: 华丽上班族 华丽上班族之生活与生存 华丽上班族 華麗上班族 Design for Living


Billion-dollar company Jones & Sunn is going public. Chairman Ho Chung Ping has promised CEO Winnie Cheung, who has been his mistress for more than twenty years, to become a major shareholder of the company. As the IPO team enters the company to audit its accounts, a series of inside stories start to be revealed.

Lee Seung, a new hire at Jones & Sunn, brings with him youthful ideals and dreams. Within the neoliberal market, the logic of intrigue rules, complicated by entanglements of love-hate relationships, which weaves a power play and a pathos-laden tragedy inside the office.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Musical; Romance;

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