Nursing Our Love (2015)

Nursing Our Love (2015)

Other name: 家和万事兴 家和萬事興 家和万事兴之兄弟姐妹 家和萬事興之兄弟姐妹 家和萬事興之花好月圓 家和万事兴之花好月圆 家和萬 Jia He Wan Shi Xing Jia He Wan Shi Xing Zhi Xiong Di Zi Mei Ga Woh Maan Si Hing Jia He Wan Shi Xing Zhi Hua Hao Yue Yuan Ga Woh Maan Si Hing Ji Hing Dai Ji Mooi Ga Woh Maan Si Hing Ji Fa Ho Yuet Yuan Family Harmony Home and Everything Семейная гармония


Zhang Ying Xue is a single mother with custody of her child and is working as a nurse in a hospital. She meets Liu Jia Cheng, the Dean at the wedding of her sister, Xiao Jun, and Jia Cheng’s younger brother, Jia You. Ying Xue’s former mother-in-law had to return to her grandson and make a big wedding. As a result, Jia Cheng’s mother, Zhu Zhu, was dissatisfied with Ying Xue’s family. How the lives of these four people are affected by their family opposition, financial difficulties and re-appearance of Ying Xue's ex-husband form the crux of the story.

Original Network: Hunan TV;

Director: Wang Wei Ting [王伟廷], Wang Shu Zhi [王淑志], Wang Da Zhu [王大柱]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Family; Romance;

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