Nogizaka Star Tanjou! (2021)

Nogizaka Star Tanjou! (2021)

Other name: NogiStar , Nogizaka Star Is Born, 乃木坂スター誕生!


So far, they have challenged themselves with "wandering travel" in "Nogizaka Doko e" and "comedy" in "Nogizaka Skits". The fourth generation, who are the future of Nogizaka46. The next challenge for these girls is... Showa era songs! They will sing covers of hit songs from the past! They'll also perform serious duets with big-name male singers! The MC for this show is the comedy duo Pekopa and this is their first time working together with Nogizaka's fourth generation. Pekopa - the former band member Taiyu Shoinji and Shupei, who is surprisingly good at singing - will liven up the show. Watch out for the fresh chemistry between the 4th generation and Pekopa! Future stars will surely be born from the fourth generation!

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Music;

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