Noble, My Love (2015)

Noble, My Love (2015)

Other name: 고결한 그대 高貴的你 Gogyeolhan Geudae Noble My Love The Noble You Моя благородная любовь


Kang Hoon is the handsome, conceited CEO of a large company and heads D.O.L's Korean branch in Seoul. One day, he is kidnapped and dramatically escapes from the bad guys, but he bleeds so much that he blacks out in front of an animal hospital in a rural town. Yoon Seo, a veterinarian, finds him and treats him to recovery. Being kind-hearted, she won't accept any payment from him but he won't take no for an answer and buys the building her hospital is in, forcing her to set up practice in Seoul where she has both friends and frenemies from vet school. Even though he looks down on her, he pays her to pretend to be his girlfriend to avoid blind dates set up by his family, becoming more and more possessive of her time and attention. Can deeper feelings develop between a man so arrogant and a woman so genuine?

Adapted from a web novel "Noble, My Love" (고결한 그대) by Go Gyul (고결).

Original Network: Naver TV Cast;

Director: Kim Yang Hee [김양희]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Cold Man; Comedy; Contract Relationship; Rich Man; Romance; Web Series;

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