Night Market Hero (2011)

Night Market Hero (2011)

Other name: 雞排英雄 鸡排英雄 Ji Pai Ying Xiong Gai Paai Ying Hung Chicken Cutlet Hero Герой ночного рынка


At the bustling "Ba Ba Ba Night Market," vendors deal with rivalries, unspoken romances and disputes over trivial matters, while working hard to sell their tasty delicacies. Things come to a screeching halt for the vendors when they learn of a real estate company (in cahoots with local politicians) are planning to takeover the land and deprive the vendors the opportunity to sell their food. Now that their very livelihoods are at stake can the vendors work together to fight off the developers?

Director: Nelson Yeh [葉天倫]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Comedy;

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