Never Give Up (2023)

Never Give Up (2023)

Other name: 今日宜加油 俯卧撑 今天先俯臥,明天再撐吧 Jin Tian Xian Fu Wo Ming Tian Zai Cheng Ba Come On Today Lie on Your Stomach Today, and Hold on Tomorrow


The third planning department of Gaofa Electronics Group is a brainstorming department responsible for innovation. It has successfully proposed the "Gaosi 3s" cross-generation model, which has become the main product of the group for ten years and has established Gaosi Electronics as a leader in the industry. It has become a highly prized department, but since then, they have been stagnant, and they ran out of ideas. Now it's been rendered to a useless department!

The third planning department has the most "talented" elites (office workers) in Gaosi Electronics: there is Li Tian Ran, the only person in the entire workplace who is convinced that the third planning department can rebuild their glory; Fan Si Si, a young lady who has a secret double life; there is a Bai Ma Shuai who is richer than you but works harder than you, and just loves to work; there is also a delicate yet tough Wu Zheng Xing, a half-retired boss Cui Hua Lang, and director, who is also a rocker, director Yu. Although they are ordinary, they are also struggling to rebuild the glory of the third department and their respective career prospects.

Original Network: iQiyi;

Director: Yu Chung Chung [於中中] and Wu Qiang [吴强]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Business; Comedy; Drama; Web Series; Workplace;

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