Nang Chada (2015)

Nang Chada (2015)

Other name: นางชฎา Miss Headdress


Rinlanee is the star dancer of her class at her university. However, since she is an orphan, she is often teased and picked on by her classmates. Despite the malice, she finds support and comfort in her closest friends Chompoo, Feungfaa, and ATM.

Techin is the son of General Narong and his wife Madam Jitraa. His parents want him to marry Chompoo, a childhood friend, but he refutes, saying that he only sees her as a sister. When he meets Rinlanee at a school play, he immediately falls in love with her because of her resemblance to the woman of his dreams.

The two eventually fall in love, but their love does not last long. After a failed plan to embarrass Rinlanee, Primlada, Eakkarat, Thulathep, Prawit, Cherngchai, and Hongyok's futures are in jeopardy. They plot to take advantage of her. Again, their plan fails when Eakkarat almost kills her. In a panic, they decide to bury Rinlanee behind the school. Rinlanee regains consciousness during the burial and screams for help, but the group buries her alive in fear of her reporting them to the police. They agree to keep this a secret amongst themselves.

During the incident, Chompoo gets into an accident and Techin brings her to the hospital since he is the one who caused her accident. The two fly to America to treat her injuries and continue their education abroad. Soon, Chompoo is fully healed but has amnesia and does not remember her years as a university student. To help regain her memories, they return to Thailand. As soon as they return to Thailand, weird things start happening. Chompoo's friends start to die one by one, and the deadly secret of that dreadful night starts to reveal itself.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Amnesia; Drama; Horror; Revenge; Romance; Supernatural; Tragedy;

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