Nagareboshi (2021)

Nagareboshi (2021)

Other name: 流れ星 ながれぼし Shooting Star


Natsuko has been in a cold relationship with her husband, Kensaku, for many years. One day he dies suddenly, leaving Natsuko alone with a wizard, Mari, who appears and offers to grant up to four wishes. Natsuko requests to go 50 years back in time to the past before she met her husband.

There, Natsuko meets young Kensaku, her young self, and her father Shintaro. Natsuko pretends to be someone she is not and attempts to uncover hidden truths while living in the past. What awaits Natsuko at the end of her time travel? And what will be her last wish to the wizard?

Original Network: NHK;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Fantasy; Time Travel;

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