My Undercover Chef (2023)

My Undercover Chef (2023)

Other name: มือปราบกระทะรั่ว Mue Prap Kratha Rua


"My Undercover Chef" relays the story of Marwin, a suspended police detective who goes undercover as a sous-chef at a restaurant where drug dealers are regulars. His mission is to gain the trust of these villains, shut down their operations, and apprehend their elusive boss. Things seem smooth until Khing, a YouTuber and granddaughter of the restaurant owner, comes into the fold. Khing finds Marvin suspicious and becomes his bottleneck. Eventually, Marwin asks for Khing’s help to bring down the gang.

(Source: Amazon Press Studios)

Original Network: Channel 3; Amazon Prime;

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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