My Sassy Princess: The Glass Slippers (2022)

My Sassy Princess: The Glass Slippers (2022)

Other name: My Sassy Princess Series: The Glass Slippers Cinderella


A re-imagination of the classic tale "Cinderella" in the modern society.

Meet the new "Cinderella", who doesn't wait for the Fairy Godmother to make her wishes come true. Even though the difficult and needy life, she will find the way by herself. She changes her appearance, wears glass slippers and starts chasing for the heart of "The Wealthy Prince". Even if the glass slippers are tight and pinching her feet, when the goal is money, she will defeat it!

Original Network: GMM One;

Director: Kaew Chatkaew Susiwa [แก้ว ฉัตรแก้ว สุศิวะ]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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