My Little Happiness (2021)

My Little Happiness (2021)

Other name: 我的小确幸 你是我的小确幸 Wo De Xiao Que Xing Ni Shi Wo De Xiao Que Xing My Small Indeed Fortunate You Are Indeed My Little Fortune My little Luck


Cong Rong has long dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but her mother is absolutely determined to see her daughter study finance abroad. Hoping that her daughter will successfully settle down somewhere overseas, Cong Rong’s mother won’t take “no” for an answer. Unable to convince her mother to let her pursue her dreams, Cong Rong has no choice but to do as her mother wishes. Or does she?

After successfully convincing her mother that she has set off for distant lands, Cong Rong secretly returns home to begin work as a legal intern. Taking on her first case, Cong Rong comes face-to-face with her childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing. Now a surgeon, Shao Qing isn’t just Cong Rong’s client, he’s also her landlord and next-door neighbor. Tied together by the ever-tightening strings of fate, Cong Rong and Shao Qing find themselves drawing closer, despite their best efforts. Engaged in a never-ending battle of wits, the childhood friends may fight against the ties that bind them, but how long will they be able to resist the inevitable?

Adapted from the novel with the same name by author Dong Benxi Gu.

Director: Yang Long [杨龙]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; Law; Romance;

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