My Heart to Your Chest (2022)

My Heart to Your Chest (2022)

Other name: 听心侠女与不问居士 聽心俠女與不問居士 刁蠻俠女與不問居士 刁蛮侠女与不问居士 長信傳媒集團短劇系列 长信传媒集团短剧系列 Ting Xin Xia Nu Yu Bu Wen Ju Shi Сердобольная женщина-рыцарь и безразличный отшельник


As the daughter of Duke of the Anye Clan, Yue Lan Shan is famous for her unique skill, Heart Tune. To find her benefactor, she travels under the alias, Nan Xia, and make a name for herself in the martial arts world. She discovers that a member of the Qingfeng Clan has a birthmark of the shape of peach blossom on his chest, the same as the one she saw on her benefactor. A love story of the martial arts world unfolds…

Director: Elsie Zhao [赵曦夕]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Historical; Martial Arts; Romance;

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