My Fairy Girl (2021)

My Fairy Girl (2021)

Other name: 精灵闺蜜 精靈閨蜜 Jing Ling Gui Mi Jeng Ling Gwai Mat Elf Girlfiend Моя девушка фея


Wu Xiao Xue's world is turned upside-down by her artist father's affair and makes her mother hate anything to do with art. A fairy character she had drawn on the day her world flipped upside-down comes to life and acts as her imaginary companion and mentor. She secretly draws despite her mother's disapproval and joins an advertising company where she hopes to use her skills. Wu Xiao Xue tries to navigate the adulthood pressures of work, pleasing her mother, and her childhood crush Xu Zhao Chen with the help of her fairy friend. Will she be able to make her dreams come true?

Director: Liu Chi [刘驰]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Childhood; Comedy; Fantasy; Romance;

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