My Bossy Wife Season 2 (2022)

My Bossy Wife Season 2 (2022)

Other name: My Bossy Wife 2 , Double Faced Son-in-law 2 , Double Sided Son-in-law Season 2 , Shuang Mian Zhui Xu 2 , Shuang Mian Zhui Xu Di Er Ji , 双面赘婿2 , 双面赘婿 第2季 , 雙面贅婿 第二季, 双面赘婿 第二季


The story continues from the previous season. After the capable constable Shen Jun Ye got a promotion and came to the capital, she worked for Li Cheng Qi, the commander of the detective department, and together they solved many unsolved cases. However, she unexpectedly found that Li Cheng Qi was disguised by her missing fiancé, Lu Xiao Bai.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Historical; Romance;

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