My Best Friend's Breakfast (2022)

My Best Friend's Breakfast (2022)

Other name: 我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐 My Best Friend’s Breakfast Завтрак моего лучшего друга


Xiang Weixin, a 17-year-old high school sophomore, regards eating as the most important and most healing thing in life. The first time she met her senior Tao Youquan was in the school’s welfare agency. At that time, Xiang Weixin lost 5 yuan and could not buy her favorite pineapple bread. Tao Youquan made up the money for her, which made her feel deeply indebted to her. The next day, she saw a breakup scene by the school’s swimming pool. She broke up with her cheating girlfriend but couldn’t separate it. Xiang Wei moved her heart and used her best friend Fang Qiran as an excuse to let Tao Youquan break up successfully. She believed that she was brave and repaid.

Adapted from the novel (我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐) by (尾巴Misa).

Director: Du Zheng Zhe [杜政哲]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Novel; Romance; School;

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