Muchaburi!: Watashi ga Shachou ni Naru nante (2022)

Muchaburi!: Watashi ga Shachou ni Naru nante (2022)

Other name: ムチャブリ! わたしが社長になるなんて Impossible Task: I Can't Believe That I Will Be The President


Takanashi Hinako is a 30-year-old office lady who has been working as a secretary at Relation Gate for the past 8 years. Everyday, the company's charismatic president would give her various "impossible tasks", making her single for the past 6 years and have no time to think about her future. One day, the president gives Hinako an extremely huge "impossible task" - Be the president of the company's subsidiary.

Original Network: NTV;

Director: Inomata Ryuichi [猪股隆一] and Kariyama Shunsuke [狩山俊輔]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Business; Drama; Romance;

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