Mr. Insomnia Waiting for Love (2023)

Mr. Insomnia Waiting for Love (2023)

Other name: Meet You at the Most Beautiful Time , You are the Sweetness I Can't Give Up , Ni Shi Wo Jie Bu Diao De Tian , Zui Mei Shi Guang Yu Jian Ni , 最美时光遇见你 , 你是我戒不掉的甜 , Good Timers , Mr. Banana doesn't sleep , Xiang Jiao Xian Sheng Bu Shui Jiao , Sleepless Night


Popular musician Lu En Tong and technology firm president Song Yan Xu both suffer from chronic insomnia. They come to discover that by touching one another, sleep befalls them both in a matter of seconds.

Director: Yang Shi Tao

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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