Mr Idol 2011

Mr Idol 2011

Other name: 아이돌 Mr. Aidol Mr. Idol


Entertainment mogul Sa Hee Moon runs top talent agency "Star Music."

Oh Goo Joo is a former music producer who quit the business after the death of one of her clients. One day, Oh Goo Joo runs into Lee Yoo Jin. Lee Yoo Jin was a former client of "Star Music" but was kicked out after years of training. Goo Joo believes Yoo Jin has star potential and helps produce new idol band "Mr. Children" featuring Yoo Jin on lead vocals. As the group grows in popularity, Sa Hee Moon from "Star Music" works to sabotage the groups chances for success.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Musical;

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