Motherhood (2022)

Motherhood (2022)

Other name: มนุษย์แม่


The story of Mai, an autistic woman who was sexually abused by her brother-in-law until she became pregnant. Shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Rin, her older sister, Oraphin, suddenly passed away in an accident. As a result, she had to raise a child alone with difficulty. In the midst of so many obstacles, how did she raise a child to grow up until the end of university?

Director: Chatchai Katenut [ชาติชาย เกษนัส] and Gandhi Wasuwitchayagit [คานธี วสุวิชย์กิต]

Country: Thailand

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Miniseries;

Airs: May 07, 2022

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