MMM_Where Are We Now (2022)

MMM_Where Are We Now (2022)

Other name: 마마무_웨얼 아 위 나우 Mamamoo_Weeol A Wi Nau Mamamoo_Where Are We Now


The 4-part documentary covers the story of MAMAMOO, a representative group in the world of K-Pop, and their 7-years together from debut until now. The members will be opening up about the famed "7-year curse", and how they felt when it was their time to face the difficult decision that all K-Pop idols must make by the end of year #7.

(Source: Naver)

Episodes: 4

Original Network: Wavve;

Director: Lee Tae Ri [이태리]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Documentary; Friendship; Musical;

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