Mission in Parallel (2022)

Mission in Parallel (2022)

Other name: 万渣朝凰之风华名媛 Wan Zhao Chao Huang Zhi Feng Hua Ming Yuan


Su Lyuxia, a bright girl, shoulders the mission of maintaining the comic space. She is supposed to enter the body of the supporting actress to correct the plot. However, she enters the body of the heroine in the small fictional world by accident. After checking with the system Shushu, she finds that Bai Ting, a woman who doesn't belong to the world, has occupied the body of the supporting actress. Bai Ting intends to make the supporting actress into the leading actress by changing the plot in the time and space of the small world. In order to prevent the story line from being altered and the small world from collapsing, Su Lyuxia starts to rectify the main plot during one after another confrontation with Bai Ting. Su Lyuxia tries her best to get the altered plot back on track by correcting some branch lines.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Fantasy; Historical; Web Series;

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