Miss Gold Digger (2007)

Miss Gold Digger (2007)

Other name: 용의주도 미스 신 용의주도 미스신 用意周到ミス・シン 八面玲瓏的申小姐 八面玲珑的申小姐 劈腿女王 Yonguijudo Miseu Sin Yonguijudo Miss Shin Miss Gold-Digger Miss Shin Flawless Miss Shin Careful Miss Shin


Actress Han Ye-Seul offers advice on how to 'shop' for men in her screen debut. In her polygamous romantic relationships, she adopts different personas for each boyfriend, from being a prim and proper lady for her JFK-like boyfriend to a sexy party girl for a young rapper. But when her shopping spree starts to get tangled, the men show their true side when they discover that they have been manipulated.

Director: Park Yong Jib [박용집]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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