Mermaid Bound (2020)

Mermaid Bound (2020)

Other name: 人鱼缚 人魚縛 白魚女 白鱼女 Bai Yu Nu Ren Yu Fu White Fish Girl Mermaid Путы русалки


Fish demon Bai Qiu Lian and general Liu Meng Bai fall in love at first sight, only to find that each other is descendant of the enemy. Will the two of them roam around and what will they choose between love and hate?

Adapted from the novel “Strange Tales of Liaozhai” by Pu Song Ling.

Director: Ajian Ren [任英健]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Fantasy; Historical; Novel; Romance; Supernatural;

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