Meow, the Secret Boy

Meow, the Secret Boy

Other name: 어서와 Sigppang Gubneun Namja Sikbbang Goobneun Namja Eosowa Man Who Bakes Bread The Man Who Bakes Bread Man Who Toasts Bread Man That Bakes Bread Come Here Come On Welcome Home Welcome Meow the Secret Boy


Hong Jo is a cat who has mastered the art of transformation into human form. He wants to become human for his owner, and in order to stay by her side, he starts living a double life.

Kim Sol Ah is a woman in her 20s. She loves people and tries to protect the ones she loves. Hence, she attracts many cat-like people. Her father is like a Persian cat, her crush is like a Siamese cat, and others only make her worry and fuss. In the end, she brings Hong Jo home thinking he's a cat but ends up in a completely different situation.

Adapted from the webtoon series "Welcome" written by Go A Ra.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Romance;

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