Manhattan Love Story

Manhattan Love Story

Other name: マンハッタンラブストーリ


Next door to Chuo TV's offices is "Manhattan," a coffee shop for aficionados. The owner's (Masahiro Matsuoka) passion for coffee is almost a sickness and all he wants is for his customers to enjoy their coffee. He is a man of few words. If he has to say something, he gets his waiter Shinobu Gamo (Takashi Tsukamoto) to speak on his behalf. Owner's real name is unknown. He would prefer to be addressed as the shops' "Master" rather than its owner - not that anyone is aware of this. He gives his all to coffee. Despite his wishes, his regular customers don't really come to taste the coffee. They are there because of love. They use his shop as a place for dates, marriage proposals and break-ups. He doesn't show it, but it saddens him that his customers are so preoccupied with affairs of the heart and not the coffee.

One day, Nobuko Akabane (Kyoko Koizumi) visits his shop. Nobuko, who got caught up in a messy extra-marital affair which resulted in her having to leave her job at a top company, now drives a taxi. She looks anxious, as if she is waiting for someone and leaves the shop without touching her coffee. This happens again the next day. Nobuko had a customer - dance instructor Hideki Bessho (Mitsuhiro Oikawa) - who left his mobile phone in the taxi. Nobuko has made two appointments to meet with Bessho to return the phone, but on both occasions Bessho has failed to show up. One day, she appeared at the coffee shop all dressed up and tipped a cup of coffee over Bessho's head. The master watches developments in Nobuko's love life with great interest. He wants her to enjoy good coffee so decides to help her with her love life. But no sooner has he decided to do this that other love-related troubles begin to emerge. Be it screenwriter Maki Chikura (Aiko Morishita), voice actor Satoshi Doigaki (Suzuki Mastuo), new announcer Shiori Emoto (Wakana Sakai), actor Eiichiro Funakoshi (played by himself) or the waiter Gamo. And even the Master finds himself embroiled in affairs of the heart.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Romance;

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