Management Marriage (2012)

Management Marriage (2012)

Other name: Jing Ying Hun Yin , Business Marriage , Marriage Vortex, 经营婚姻


Luo Qing Niao, a lively, beautiful and reckless post-80s girl, and Ye Xiao Yu, a post-70s Beijing man who is easy-going, tolerant but eager for freedom, took the initiative to "force" marriage after two years, forcing him to fall into "marriage" since childhood. Ye Xiao Yu, who was full of fear in the cage, overcame his "marriage phobia" and registered his marriage with her. At first, neither of them had a deep understanding of marriage. In addition, one was a post-70s man and the other was a post-80s woman. Both parties had congenitally different life concepts, ways of thinking and marriage values, such as one regards housework as his responsibility, the other advocates zero housework; one yearns for unrestrained freedom, but the other binds him to his body like a small part of his own; If the child will take away his position as the "eternal and only treasured president", he will be interested in DINK... As the saying goes: "There is no trivial matter in marriage. A vortex is a vortex." With the help of external forces such as family, family, brother gang and sister Tao, they quickly developed in a wider, deeper and more unpredictable direction, and gradually evolved into a huge marriage whirlpool, bringing Luo Qing Niao and Ye Xiao Yu to an unpredictable direction. The situation directly threatens the survival of two people's love, marriage and family. What should they do?

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Comedy; Drama; melodrama; Romance;

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