Mama: Nothing to Fear

Mama: Nothing to Fear

Other name: 마마 마마 - 세상 무서울 게 없는 Mama - Nothing to Fear Mama: Fearless of Anything in the World Mama - Fearless of Anything in the World Fearless Mama


A single mom who has been only focusing on making money and achieving fame is suddenly finds out she has a time-limited life. All her life, she has been neglecting her only son so she now wishes to spend the rest of her lifetime for him finding his family before she leaves. She plans to reunite her son with his birth-father so he can live in a stable family environment, but the father is already married to someone else. Mama is a story of 6 months of motherly love and sacrifices that is told by a terminally ill mother.

Director: Kim Sang Hyeop [김상협]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Family; melodrama; Romance;

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