Mae Pu Priao (2023)

Mae Pu Priao (2023)

Other name: แม่ปูเปรี้ยว Mae Poo Priew


High school senior Pu is the only daughter of an island mogul. Daring and precocious, the people of the island nickname her Mae Pu Priao. She meets and assists solemn journalist Non. Non knows little outside the purview of work and duty. In the atmosphere of crashing waves and sea breezes in the middle of the sea, the lively girl and older guy build a closeness.

Adapted from the novel "Mae Pu Priao" (แม่ปูเปรี้ยว) by Nantana Weerachon (นันทนา วีระชน).

Original Network: Channel 7;

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Novel; Romance;

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