Made in Rooftop (2021)

Made in Rooftop (2021)

Other name: 메이드 인 루프탑 Meideu In Rupeutap Meideu In Rupeutab Meideu In Lupeutab


"I'm going to be cool from now!"

Ha Neul, a failure push-and-pull job seeker was thrown out of the house with just one carrier 30 minutes after giving a fake breakup notice to his boyfriend, Jeong Min, who had been struggling and roasted for three years.

On the first day of separation, he was playing hard to get with his ex-lover in the rooftop room of his friend Bong Shik who just broke up...

"Everything I do is hip!"

With the money earned from doing BJ, he decorated the rooftop room smaller than a studio with a luxury shop. Bong Shik is a free-spirited hipster who lives like there's no tomorrow with the goal of dying before 40.

Day 1 of fling, he vowed again that he don't need a relationship, but he keeps on seeing someone who is aggressive...

The high tension summer romance of cool and hip youth begins!

Director: Kim Jho Kwang Soo [김조광수]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; Drama; melodrama; Romance;

Airs: Jun 30, 2021

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