Lucky Swan (2023)

Lucky Swan (2023)

Other name: หงส์ในกรงกา Hong Nai Krong Ka Swan in a Cage


Years ago, Nongnuch, the wife of Thanachart, heir of the Singkhabadirak Group, was wrongly accused of having an affair by her mother-in-law, Kamala and her sister-in-law Podjanee, when she was pregnant and was then chased from the house. As a result, she had to raise her daughter Sompor alone. But years later, Thanachart learnt the truth and remorseful, went to look for his wife and daughter. However, he had an accident and died.

After his death, Kamala, his mother and chairwoma of the Singkhabadirak Group, decided to look for her granddaughter, as she feels that her other granddaughter, Emika, Podjanee's daughter, is unfit to inherit the company. This leaves Podjanee infuriated as even though she always hated her mother-in-law Kamala, she always endured and plotted in hope of getting the inheritance.

As for Sompor, she never know who her father was. She finally decides to go to Bangkok to investigate and find her father. But she finds herself victim of murder attempts.

Adapted from the novel "Swan in a Cage" (หงส์ในกรงกา) by "Phakhinai" (ภาคินัย).

Original Network: Channel 7;

Director: Kasama Nitsaiphan [กษมา นิสสัยพันธุ์] and Jaruek Sa-nguanpong [จารึก สงวนพงษ์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Novel; Romance;

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