Loving Never Forgetting

Loving Never Forgetting

Other name: 戀戀不忘 恋恋不忘 无爱承欢 Loving, Never Forgetting Unforgettable Love


Li Zhong Mou (Jerry Yan) had a one night stand with Wu Tong (Tong Li Ya) a few years ago. He forgot about her until later, in an accident which stirred his attention; after verification, it was confirmed that the little boy, Wu Tong Tong is indeed his son. In order to gain back his own son, Li Zhong Mou take the Mother of his son, Wu Tong to court and win the custody of the boy. However, Li Zhong Mou finds himself falling for Wu Tong and was impressed by Wu Tong's intimate relationship with their son, due to his lack of maternal love as a child, he did not want history to repeat itself again. Therefore, Li Zhong Mou decided to marry Wu Tong. After experiencing life and death, resentment and prejudice, everyone eventually learn to understand, trust and love.

Director: Zeng Li Zhen [曾丽珍]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; melodrama; Romance;

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