Destined to Meet You (2022)

Destined to Meet You (2022)

Other name: 别跟姐姐撒野 别对姐姐撒野 別跟姐姐撒野 別對姐姐撒野 Bie Gen Jie Jie Sa Ye Bie Dui Jie Jie Sa Ye Lovely Sister


Jin Rong Rong, the resolute general manager of Jinchao Group, met Gu Cong Bei, a singer of a bar, on the way to secretly inspect the operation of the business district.

After a drunken night Jin Rong Rong learned that Gu Cong Bei was still a college student, and with zero love experience, she pretended to be calm and claimed to be responsible for him. Coincidentally when Jin Rong Rong went to the blind date bureau she unexpectedly found out that Gu Cong Bei was the third son of the Gu family, and was also in need of marriage, so she decided to choose him as her marriage partner. What she didn't know was that Gu Cong Bei was purposely trying to get close to her.

Now living under the same roof after marriage, Gu Cong Bei noticed that Jin Rong Rong was different, unique, but Jin Rong Rong was also very secretive and refused to open up to her new husband about why she was afraid of the cold. As truths and motives begin to emerge, will these two be able to overcome the trials headed their way?

Adapted from the web novel "Ba Hun, Xu Mo Yi Jiu" (霸婚,蓄谋已久) by Yu Ge (鱼歌).

Original Network: Youku;

Director: Zeng Qing Jie [曾庆杰]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Novel; Romance; Web Series;

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