Love Will Tear Us Apart (2021)

Love Will Tear Us Apart (2021)

Other name: 我要我们在一起 10年女友 十年女友 与我十年长跑的女友明天要嫁人了 Wo Yao Wo Men Zai Yi Qi I Want Us to be Together 10 Years Girlfriend Decade Girlfriend


It tells the ten years of romance between Lyu Qin Yang and Ling Yi Yao. They were desperate to be together, they struggled against the harsh reality and after all, is said and done, is the love that they have still the same?

Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd do everything to be with them? Ten years ago when he was just a poor student, Lyu Qin Yang publicly confessed his feelings for Ling Yi Yao. From the school campus to society, Qin Yang would lay down his life to make Yi Yao happy. However, issues over money, housing, and their marriage become the true tests of their love for each other that have pushed them further and further apart. In their ten-year long-distance race, can they remember the promise they once engraved in their hearts when they said: "I want us to be together."

Adapted from the novel 'My Girlfriend Who Ran for Ten Years Is Going to Marry Tomorrow' (与我十年长跑的女友明天要嫁人了) by Li Haibo (李海波).

Director: Mo Sha [沙漠]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Romance; School; Youth;

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