Love in Hanyuan

Love in Hanyuan

Other name: 小樓又東風 Love In Han Yuan Xiao Lou You Dong Feng


Shanghai hairdresser Lu Hanzhi was murdered because of his father by a traitor, his family fell from the road, from embarked on the road of resistance. Due to the fate, the two men who are closely related to the fate of Lu Hanzhi belong to the two hostile camps. On the surface, the morning work for the traitors is actually the intelligence personnel of the underground party of the Chinese Communist Party. On the surface, Han Shoumin, who was an anti-Japanese tyrant, was an excellent agent of the Kuomintang's military unions but was gradually framed by the Wang pseudo-spy organization and embarked on a road of no return to defection. The emotional relations between the three were full of variables in the context of the Anti-Japanese War. Lu Hanzhi hovering between the two major espionage masters of the CCP and the military, and gradually from inexperienced aristocrats grew into a brilliant espionage officer. Lu Hanzhi, living in the bloody fight of the Wang pseudo and the anti-Japanese forces, is confused and confused and has an undercover career that has brought her to maturity in the cruel struggle. Finally, with the help of the CCP's party organizations, Lu Hanzhi found his own faith and became an excellent intelligence officer of the Communist Party in Shanghai's upper-class society.

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2018

Genre: Action; Espionage; Historical; Revenge; Romance; War;

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