Lookout (Korean Drama)

Lookout (Korean Drama)

Other name: 파수꾼 Bleak Night The Guardians The Guardian Protector Sentinel Watchmen


The plot centers on a group of people who find their ordinary lives thrown into chaos due to a family tragedy. They monitor criminals 24 hours a day and rescue potential victims before the crime is committed. They also embarrass corrupt state prosecutors and make sure that criminals are punished for their crimes. This TV show illustrates the current society where the simple rule of going to jail if you break the law no longer applies to those in power. Illustrating the tragic lives of the Watchmen group who channel their anger and grief into fighting for justice, “The Guardians” will have stylistic action scenes and a thrilling plot.

Director: Son Hyeong Seok [손형석] and Park Seung Woo [박승우]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Action; Crime; Family; Friendship; Investigation; Law; Revenge; Thriller; Tragedy;

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