Look Mai Klai Ton (2016)

Look Mai Klai Ton (2016)

Other name: ลูกไม้ไกลต้น ลูกไม้..ไกลต้น Luk Mai Klai Ton The Fruit Falls Far from the Tree Fruits Far From Its Tree Truth Never Lies


On her death bed, Supa tells her daughter Rasa, that twenty years earlier, while working as a maid, Supa was tricked by her boss Chalerm into sleeping with him, in order to rescue her husband from jail. As a result, Rasa's biological father is Chalerm, the owner of a jewelry company. Rasa is angry and vows to make Chalem, her father, bow at her mother funeral and apologize.

Chanon is the son Chalerm's friend Panin, who is also the owner of a jewelry company. He is engaged to Chalerm's nice younger daughter, Sasi. He distrusts all women from a very young age, ever since his mother ran away with a worker at their company, abandoning her rich lifestyle, her husband Panin, and her two sons Chanon and Apirak. Chanon learned to have a cold cynical heart while protecting his gullible father, naive younger brother, and sweet and innocent Sasi.

When Rasa shows up at the Chalerm's company, demanding to see him, Chanon pegs Rasa as a con-artist, especially when he finds out that his younger brother Apirak, has fallen in love with her. As Rasa tries to get acknowledged by Chalerm, she gets entangled in Chanon's life, who himself is trying to deal with the resurfacing of his cheating mother. The more they see of each other, the more the cynical Chanon and the determined Rasa get attracted to each other.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; Family; Romance;

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