Long Time No See (2017)

Long Time No See (2017)

Other name: 롱타임노씨


The renown hitman, ‘Flying Dagger’, bumps into ‘Wild Dog’, who happens to be a hired assassin for mobster ‘Black Leopard’. While both of them try to be incognito, they cannot help falling in love with each other. However, ‘Wild Dog’ has a secret that he couldn't confide to 'Flying Dagger.' After all, ‘Flying Dagger’ and ‘Wild Dog’ reveal their secret identities to each other during the fight led by their bosses. They run into danger as gangsters brand them as traitors. Will they be able to overcome obstacles and keep their love?

Director: Kang Woo [강우]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Action; BL; Drama; Romance;

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