Living Toward The Sun (2020)

Living Toward The Sun (2020)

Other name: 向阳而生 滚蛋吧!肿瘤君 滚蛋吧!肿瘤君电视剧版 Xiang Yang Er Sheng Rise To The Sun Go Away Tumour


It is based on the story of young cartoonist Xiong Dun who encounters double setbacks in love and the workplace. In the face of adversity, she bravely fights her illness and spreads positivity with her infectious smile.

Xiang Yang (Jiang Xin) is a carefree young woman who comes to Beijing to fulfill her dreams of becoming a manhua artist. After persuading her family and finally finding a job and a house, Xiong Dun settles down in Beijing. Life may be hard but Xiang Yang is surrounded by people that she loves.

Unfortunately, life does not treat her kindly. Xiang Yang's boyfriend cheats on her and she experiences a setback in her career. Misfortunes come in threes as she starts to get sick. When her childhood friend forces her to go to the hospital for an examination, Xiang Yang learns that she has a tumor. From being unwilling and unable to accept her circumstances, Xiang Yang gradually finds the strength to live her life to the fullest.

Director: Liu Jia Cheng [刘家成]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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