Like in Heaven (2023)

Like in Heaven (2023)

Other name: 欺妻49天 Qi Qi 49 Tian Chi Chi 49 Tien Как будто в раю


On the day of their 20th wedding anniversary, a car crash changes everything. A key, which door does it unlock? A boy, what kind of troubles will he stir up? Assistance from BFF, is she solving or causing problems? Wandering between worlds of the living and dead, solving love problems of lost men and women. With a 49-day deadline, can love to arrive in time?


Episodes: 10

Director: Wang Chuan Tsung [王傳宗] and Charles Yang [楊孟嘉]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Family; Miniseries; Romance;

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