Light of Cloudy Day (2019)

Light of Cloudy Day (2019)

Other name: 烏陰天的好日子 Shou Zhe Yang Guang Shou Zhe Ni


There is always a cloudy sky in life, but even Wuyintian will have a good day. In order to escape the unsatisfactory real life, Biqiu went to work in a remote spiritual health center, where she did not mention the past, overprotecting her image once crowned with high cold, but the enthusiastic colleague Nursing Wu did not label Biqiu, constantly concerned about Biqiu, and finally let her open the heart.

The work of the health center is completely different from the business familiar with Biqiu in the past. She repeatedly conflicts with the doctor Li Tianshi because of the disagreement. Fortunately, the care of Chang Wenyu is in the middle of coordination, and teaches Biqiu another way to look at medical care, gradually, Biqiu is integrated into this big family, and also gets their own growth in the dilemma of mental illness and family members.

However, Biqiu tried to cover up the past, and the violently inclined ex-boyfriend Guo Dehao found the health center, which not only disrupted the smooth life of Biqiu, but also made the current online red girlfriend Lin Li think that Qiqiu To grab someone with yourself, I decided to repair Biqiu and went to the recuperation center to cast a shocking bomb, detonating the secret that Biqiu has always hidden…

Original Network: Hakka TV;

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama;

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