Lie Hen (2023)

Lie Hen (2023)

Other name: 裂痕 Crack Излом


Twins Xu Zhi Xin and Xu Xia Wei are identical in every way except for their personalities. Xu Zhi Xin is obedient and intelligently capable while Xu Xia Wei is mischievous and rebellious. Lin Zheng is Xu Xia Wei's first love; they fell in love at first sight upon meeting each other one day in high school. Their youthful and innocent love story comes to an end when Xu Zhi Xin dies and Xu Xia Wei is compelled by their mother to abandon her dreams, her identity, her entire life, to live instead as Xu Zhi Xin. By the time the former lovers reunite Xu Xia Wei has become the successful but notorious lawyer "Xu Zhi Xin". But as they rekindle their old love Lin Zheng begins to realize that the person in front of him is not the real Xu Xia Wei.

(Source: Chinese = Ent.China)

Episodes: 25

Director: Zhou Xiao [周潇]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Romance; Web Series;

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