Liao Zhai Fox Spirit: Spoony Woman (2023)

Liao Zhai Fox Spirit: Spoony Woman (2023)

Other name: 聊斋新编之婴宁 聊斋新篇之婴宁 聊齋新編之嬰寧 聊斋新编四部曲 聊齋新編四部曲 Liao Zhai Xin Bian Si Bu Qu Liao Zhai Xin Pian Zhi Ying Ning Liao Zhai Xin Bian Zhi Ying Ning Legend of Ghost Ying Ning Legend of Ghost: Ying Ning История о призраках: Ин Нин


The scholar Wang Zi Fu fell in love with the girl Ying Ning at first sight. By coincidence, he found Ying Ning's residence, and the two became husband and wife. The scholar's mother was afraid of Ying Ning. After learning that he was a fox demon, she separated the two of them.

(Source: TheMovieDB)

Adapted from the short story "Ying Ning" (婴宁) from the collection “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio” (聊斋志异) by Pu Song Ling (蒲松龄).

Director: Yin Bo [尹波] and Ma Lau Sang [马留生]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Martial Arts; Mythology; Romance;

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