Ley Luang (2021)

Ley Luang (2021)

Other name: เล่ห์ลวง Leh Lwng Life Coach The War of Cunning Tricky Deception


Faith can lead a person's life to the good path, but believing and putting faith in the wrong people can lead one life to collapse as well. “Irada”, an online seller who was successful from her own effort, only one thing that fell her was her boyfriend “Fin” who dreamed to be a superstar but had never been successful. Until one day, Irada’s product was sued by a businessman named “Chawin”. She admitted it willingly, made Chawin impressed, and withdrew the case, they became friends since then. Irada trusted “Jennaree”, the owner of ‘North Star Life Coach’ as her idol, without knowing that Jennaree used this career as a way to make people believe and make her own profit. She took Fin there to be coached on the trick for fulfilling his dream.

Director: Worawit Khuttiyayothin [วรวิทย์ ขัตติยโยธิน]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Betrayal; Drama; Mature; Romance;

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