Level 7 Civil Servant

Level 7 Civil Servant

Other name: 7급공무원 Bimilnamnyeojeon Secret Agent War The Secret Lovers The Secret Lovers War My Girlfriend is an Agent 7th Grade Civil Servant


Two exes break up reconcile several years later. Both end up being spies working for different units, so they have to keep their covers up in real life. Joo Won Plays the hero Gil Ro who decided in his youth that he wanted to be a spy after watching a Bond movie. His father became rich practically overnight, so he grows up in wealth and comfort, with a generous spirit toward others and a chic, refined appearance. Gil Ro gets accepted as a secret agent, but he’s not your usual veteran agent; he thinks and acts like the new generation he belongs to, and he makes mistakes and causes conflict.

Director: Oh Hyeon Jong [오현종] and Kim Sang Hyeop [김상협]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Action; Comedy; Romance;

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