Let Me Off The Earth (2020)

Let Me Off The Earth (2020)

Other name: 내리겠습니다 지구에서 내지구 Naeligessseubnida Jigueseo Getting Off At Earth I'll Get off From Earth I'll Get off the Earth LMO Earth


Cho Han Gyeol stuck in a time loop that he went through the third in high school 33 times. He tried to break the loop, but the day after his graduation always became the entrance ceremony. He gave up and made a online Fortune teller that never went wrong to make fun of friends. One day, it starts to malfunction. Park Ye Jin, who had a crush on Han Gyeol, said that she is not into him anymore. Ahn Se Min, who was almost invisible at school, became an influencer representing the school. Meanwhile, Kim Ji Woo, a transfer student who has never been existed, shows up out of the blue, All these changes break Han Gyeol's boring but peaceful routine.

Original Network: vLive; Naver TV Cast;

Director: Kim Joon Mo [김준모] and Wang Hye Ryeong [왕혜령]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Friendship; Romance; School; Sci-fi; Web Series; Youth;

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