Legend of Hyang Dan (2007)

Legend of Hyang Dan (2007)

Other name: 향단전 香丹傳 香丹伝 イルジメ外伝 Hyangdan Hyangdanjeon Дорама Легенда о Хян-Дан


The story of is a classic love story everyone knows about. There are more than 100 different versions that have already been discovered, but here’s another surprising and rather shocking version called . It takes a different spin from the original story with the reinterpretation that it was actually Hyang-dan who loved Mong-ryong even more than Chun-hyang. The love story of Hyang-dan and Mong-ryong is depicted as they overcome their difference in social rank, deviating from the original storyline.

ep. 1

The only son of Namwon’s magistrate Mong-ryong(Choi Si-won) is chased after by the policemen as he attempts to help the chivalrous robbers. The place he hides into happens to be where Hyang-dan(Seo Ji-hae) is. Hyang-dan covers for Mong-ryong and they fall in love instantly. Meanwhile, Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee) comes up with a plan to get Chun-hyang(Lee Ji-soo) married to Mong-ryong, and Chun-hyang has no choice but to take part in the plan as she has grown up as Chun-hyang’s servant. Hyang-dan has no choice but to follow the plan due to her social rank. As rumors spread that Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang are seeing each other because of Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee)’s plan, Mong-ryong’s father orders Mong-ryong to go to Seoul using the civil service exam as an excuse. As a cover-up to hide her love for Mong-ryong, Hyang-dan decides to get married to Bang-ja(Heo Jeong-min), who has been good to her to win her over. On the day Mong-ryong is to leave for Seoul, he finds out about Hyang-dan's wedding and runs to see her.

ep. 2

Mong-ryong confesses his love to Hyang-dan, but she turns him down because of their difference in social rank. However, she tells him that if he wins the first place in a civil service exam, she will take it as heaven’s fate and accept him. The next day, Mong-ryong announces to his father(Moon hoi-won) that he will go to Hanyang to take the exam. After he leaves for Hanyang, Hyang-dan comes back home as Chun-hyang’s servant again. In the meanwhile, the new magistrate Byeon Hak-do (Lee Seong-min) takes post. He tyrannizes the town and takes goods from the commoners while trying to suppress the chivalrous robbers. Then, as Byeon Hak-do requests Chun-hyang (Lee Ji-soo) for bed service, Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee) asks Hyang-dan(Seo Ji-hae) to go instead.

Original Network: MBC;

Director: Kim Sang Ho [김상호]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Comedy; Historical; Miniseries; Romance;

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